SDL duel plot vs. Aya

Black Stars Castle: Archives Room

A loud sound of books and scrolls toppling over was heard. A few seconds later, Aoki emerges from the mountain of fallen books and scrolls. Annoyed, she picked up the nearest scroll she can find and tosses it at Sketch-kun, who was up the ladder, just beside the shelf Aoki was working on.

"Hey, Frog-face! Tell me why we're doing this again?!?" she yelled.
"Stop whining and get back to work, Aoki... It'll take us longer if you continue on playing around." Sketch-kun replied, sounding rather bored.

Aoki sighed loudly, and stood up. But along the way, a piece of paper caught her attention and stared at it.

"Hey... all these files are investigations and background checks for people who work in the government, right?"

Sketch hums while nodding. Aoki moved to pick the piece of paper up. Her expression turns stern as she starts reading. A few more moments, Aoki’s eyes widen.
“Aoki, are you still mov---“

A door slam was heard as Aoki stormed out of the room.

The part of the file she was reading fell on the floor. The name written on it:

Herei Fang.

Aoki sped through the hallways with the said piece of paper in hand, her head frantically turning, searching for Yuki’s form.



Hirono Household : Study Room

She was incredibly quiet that day.
No silly comments or gestures. No trying to catch my attention. Not even a single question about the lesson. I may be over reading, but it seems like the aura around her had changed to something heavy. The air around her seems suffocating. I wonder…

“What’s the matter, Miss Aoki?” Herei finally broke the seemingly awkward silence between the both of them, “Is something bothering you?”

Her shoulders jerked in surprised, it seems like she wasn’t paying attention to me at all.

Aoki’s head turned towards Herei, but stopping mid-way.

Is she hiding something…?

“Did… something happen? Did you not understand the le---“


Herei was a bit caught in surprised. Aoki’s voice sounded gloomy.

“…y-yes, Miss Aoki?”

Another moment of awkward silence. Then, Aoki’s mouth moved quietly. Herei’s eyes widen. Aoki raised up her head completely, looking at Herei --- her expression about to cry.