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SDL duel plot vs. Aya

Black Stars Castle: Archives Room

A loud sound of books and scrolls toppling over was heard. A few seconds later, Aoki emerges from the mountain of fallen books and scrolls. Annoyed, she picked up the nearest scroll she can find and tosses it at Sketch-kun, who was up the ladder, just beside the shelf Aoki was working on.

"Hey, Frog-face! Tell me why we're doing this again?!?" she yelled.
"Stop whining and get back to work, Aoki... It'll take us longer if you continue on playing around." Sketch-kun replied, sounding rather bored.

Aoki sighed loudly, and stood up. But along the way, a piece of paper caught her attention and stared at it.

"Hey... all these files are investigations and background checks for people who work in the government, right?"

Sketch hums while nodding. Aoki moved to pick the piece of paper up. Her expression turns stern as she starts reading. A few more moments, Aoki’s eyes widen.
“Aoki, are you still mov---“

A door slam was heard as Aoki stormed out of the room.

The part of the file she was reading fell on the floor. The name written on it:

Herei Fang.

Aoki sped through the hallways with the said piece of paper in hand, her head frantically turning, searching for Yuki’s form.



Hirono Household : Study Room

She was incredibly quiet that day.
No silly comments or gestures. No trying to catch my attention. Not even a single question about the lesson. I may be over reading, but it seems like the aura around her had changed to something heavy. The air around her seems suffocating. I wonder…

“What’s the matter, Miss Aoki?” Herei finally broke the seemingly awkward silence between the both of them, “Is something bothering you?”

Her shoulders jerked in surprised, it seems like she wasn’t paying attention to me at all.

Aoki’s head turned towards Herei, but stopping mid-way.

Is she hiding something…?

“Did… something happen? Did you not understand the le---“


Herei was a bit caught in surprised. Aoki’s voice sounded gloomy.

“…y-yes, Miss Aoki?”

Another moment of awkward silence. Then, Aoki’s mouth moved quietly. Herei’s eyes widen. Aoki raised up her head completely, looking at Herei --- her expression about to cry.



Ryuu and PM are found sitting on the floor. Ryuu's face expresses extreme concentration (with his tongue out) while PM seems to be looking down on something, with the usual straight face.

PM suddenly move and looks at Ryuu, who still looks horribly congested. Ryuu notices this and twists PM's head to look back down again.

A beep is heard. Ryuu tosses his head up yelling "AWWWW! That was so close! You almost had it!!", while PM raises the DS near his face, and going " . . ."

Ryuu restarts the game, PM looks back at Ryuu and asks, "What happens if I press this button, Creator?"

Ryuu keeps silent, then breaks it after a while, "Call me something else."

PM: "Crea--"
Ryuu: "No, something else <: "

PM will say a lot of other "titles" for Ryuu, and Ryuu will keep retorting all of this. Lastly PM goes...
PM: "O.. Older brother...?"

Ryuu hugs/glomps PM, squeeing a bit. PM's confused and silent.

Suddenly, Ryuu flies a few feet away from PM. Aoki has kicked his butt (literally)

Aoki stands tall, and tells Ryuu to get his act together and be serious.

Ryuu : "But, I am serious."
Aoki: "You're not. You're being weird. You're not your self. You're quiet when you're serious."

Ryuu stares at Aoki for a while and speaks,

Ryuu: "Acchan's being weird too."
Aoki: " ? "
Ryuu: "You're talkative."
Aoki: "..."
Aoki: "Shut up." *glaring*
Ryuu: "Yes m'am." *looks a bit scared, but still looking silly*

Aoki glares for a few more seconds and steps away. Ryuu goes back to PM and turns the DS back on. Aoki suddenly stops, face shows signs of realization, and turns quick back to Ryuu.

Aoki: "Chief, we should be back on stand by mode by now. What did you do??"

Ryuu pauses, contemplating and lights up after while, with a innocent smiling face

Ryuu: "I kinda.. Took 5 of those evil meds when you weren't looking. " 8)
Aoki: "..."
Ryuu: ".. I wasnt suppose to?"
Aoki: *thinking* "You're bound to kill yourself someday with that kind of attitude."


Life is full of every piece of shit.

I was going to rant. But I forgot what about.


Things you wish you never knew.

This story wouldn't make any sense. But I'll share it anyways.

It all starts in a worn down house-- old, dusty and pretty moldy. But it was big, and a bit grand.

Inside it lived a weird family. They argue like idiots at most times, but there was one thing that was sure. Regardless of what they look like-- idiots per se-- they were still hapy. They were still laughing no matter what fortune falls on their backs.

This family was consisted of a caring mother, a proud father, an idiotic brother , two considerate sisters, a little playful little brother, a nice grandmother, a buff uncle and a loyal dog. It was a weird mismatch, but it works. At least, they make it work.

The story starts with the older brother and the younger brother playing around in the house, when suddenly the phone rang. So the older brother zoomed to the phone, picked it up and answered it. The older brother was told to go to the hospital, and the person in the other line gave him which room to visit.

The older brother went with his dog, and inside he saw a small bed in the middle of the room. In that bed, he found a small child who looks so fragile. The older brother walked in-- and as his steps filled the room, the child's eyes opened and greeted him with a smile, and spoke.

I wanted to meet you.

The child said. The older brother was a bit bewildered, but smiled back and continued on to the bedside. As the distance lessened, he finally realized who it was and walked faster. He looked at her with confused eyes that is seemingly in need of answers. She looked elsewhere and answered his voiceless inquiry. He fret, but he knew he couldn't do anything. His dog walked by his side with a silent attempt to comfort him.

Then, the door of the small white room suddenly slammed open and the child's parents came parading in. They told her that she was a mess, and what awaits her after this. All these was done and said, and the older brother's presence was ignored.

Quietly listening to the child's parents' banters and demands-- slowly the older brother was beginning to lose his temper. They were being inconsiderate as their daughter was suffering. And then--------

and then it happened.

Something flew out of the child. Two purple like worm things with different shades. They flew out and vanish out of the room, and the items around them turn into disarray. The father, who was standing proudly, yelled about, demanding to know what was happening. Then it was also when the older brother noticed that the child was dying. So he took him on his arms and cooed her that everything would be alright.

But the father tried to take the child away from the older brother as he yelled insults to the little child on how useless she is. The older brother retaliated, and pushed the man away. Then he decided to look for those things that had flew out of the child. And he called on his siblings and grandmother to help him search.

They arrived and tried to get things under control. But then that's when they realized-- those worm things were bad, seeing as it turned everything into disarray and destroys everything it attaches itself into. When finally they were able to catch and destroy them all, the father snatched his child, cursed at the family and walked away.

Then there was a flash, and it desipated momentarily. Nothing changed. Only that now the older brother was unconscious as well, and that the dog died.


The father and the mother took the frail child home, only to find out that when she woke up-- she wasn't herself anymore. The little girl they knew were more refine, obedient, and quiet. Now, she was nothing near those descriptions. She was acting stupid, idiotic, and gross. This made the father furious.


At the worn down house, the older brother woke up slowly. Walked out his room, to the kitchen , to the pool (yes, there was a pool) and greeted everyone that he passed by. The people there was happy that he woke up. They were more happy that he didn't act like an idiot anymore. For them, all is well.

The older brother walked around, feeling different. As if he has no recollection whatsoever of what he was or what he was doing. He felt lively and and healthy that it was weird to him, as if it wasn't his second nature. But he decided to just let the doubt go, and just live the feeling while it lasts.

He walked out on the pool and saw the buff uncle cleaning, and decided to help. The buff uncle happily accepted the help and handed him a deck brush and they started scrubbing. It was a sunny day. It was a good day.

The grandmother walked by and stay at the poolside as they were finishing and filling up the pool with water. She smiled sweetly at the older brother, and he smiled back at her, when loud noises where heard infront of the old house's gates.

It was the frail child's parents.

As they near the house, the grandmother franatically hides the older brother and tells him he must not see these people and rushed to greet these people. This made the older brother curious, but listened to the grandmother regardless.

The child's father demanded to see the older brother. Furious of his daughter's change, blaming it on him-- that it only happened after they met. The grandmother denied this and asked them to leave peacefully, and that the older brother was still unconscious. The father grunted. and took his leave-- declaring that he'll be back and stomped away.

The older brother caught a glimpse of the furious parents, and wondered. But then the uncle called him and everyone and invited them for a swim. Suddenly, the whole neighborhood kids popped out and jumped to the pool. One child pulled the older brother in the water and so splashed about. They laughed, and started swimming around. The older brother started enjoying and playing, when his eyes met another on the other side of the pool. Eyes that belong to the person that looks like him. This made him pause. Then, ever so suddenly, a flashback occured to him that made him close his eyes for a while. When he opened them back, the person was gone.

This made him suspicious of what's going on. Then another flash back of the furious father came to him--- and then and there. She remembered who she was.

Suddenly, her appearance changed to a grown version of the dying child. But she was strong, and full of life., unlike the child in the previous white room. She was confused, and saw the grandmother was looking at her. She questioned her, with a bewildered look.

The grandmother, with a sad smile, told her that the frail child had died. She denied this and told the grandmother that she's here, and alive.

So you've finally realized.

The grandmother explained to her that this was the older brother's wish. That they had exchanged lives, for her to live normally and healthy-- and this wish was made real by taking the dog's life.

Then the person with the same face of the older brother appeared. The child asked who he is, and he answered.

I was the one that was trying to kill you.

And he asked back.

What are you going to do with your new given life now?



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