Ryuu and PM are found sitting on the floor. Ryuu's face expresses extreme concentration (with his tongue out) while PM seems to be looking down on something, with the usual straight face.

PM suddenly move and looks at Ryuu, who still looks horribly congested. Ryuu notices this and twists PM's head to look back down again.

A beep is heard. Ryuu tosses his head up yelling "AWWWW! That was so close! You almost had it!!", while PM raises the DS near his face, and going " . . ."

Ryuu restarts the game, PM looks back at Ryuu and asks, "What happens if I press this button, Creator?"

Ryuu keeps silent, then breaks it after a while, "Call me something else."

PM: "Crea--"
Ryuu: "No, something else <: "

PM will say a lot of other "titles" for Ryuu, and Ryuu will keep retorting all of this. Lastly PM goes...
PM: "O.. Older brother...?"

Ryuu hugs/glomps PM, squeeing a bit. PM's confused and silent.

Suddenly, Ryuu flies a few feet away from PM. Aoki has kicked his butt (literally)

Aoki stands tall, and tells Ryuu to get his act together and be serious.

Ryuu : "But, I am serious."
Aoki: "You're not. You're being weird. You're not your self. You're quiet when you're serious."

Ryuu stares at Aoki for a while and speaks,

Ryuu: "Acchan's being weird too."
Aoki: " ? "
Ryuu: "You're talkative."
Aoki: "..."
Aoki: "Shut up." *glaring*
Ryuu: "Yes m'am." *looks a bit scared, but still looking silly*

Aoki glares for a few more seconds and steps away. Ryuu goes back to PM and turns the DS back on. Aoki suddenly stops, face shows signs of realization, and turns quick back to Ryuu.

Aoki: "Chief, we should be back on stand by mode by now. What did you do??"

Ryuu pauses, contemplating and lights up after while, with a innocent smiling face

Ryuu: "I kinda.. Took 5 of those evil meds when you weren't looking. " 8)
Aoki: "..."
Ryuu: ".. I wasnt suppose to?"
Aoki: *thinking* "You're bound to kill yourself someday with that kind of attitude."

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